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Some Recipes not only taste awesome but are easy to make, I always present to you such recipes.

Yummy Marathi recipes should be the exact word while describing some of the best recipes of Marathi cuisine. Here are Some of the clear favourites that are always discussed regularly and some of the hidden gems worth mentioning.

Vada Pav:- One of the best known and most talked about this simple yet compelling dish is most Maharashtrians’ lifeline.It is super affordable and super tasty, which is a rarity in many of the available dishes.Great street food of Mumbai this awesome snack keeps on make you want more.

Puran poli:- This awesome dish is a must-have for anyone who has to know anything about Maharashtrian Food.It is an irresistible dish made from wheat flour and Jaggery. It is sweet and is a must in most of the Marathi households on Festivals.

Zunka Bhakri:- One more superb yet simple dish that is had by most of the Maharashtrians all over Maharashtra is Zunka Bhakri.The best part about Zunka Bhakri is it takes hardly any time to make it, and most Marathi households have all the ingredients at their place.Add a dash of ghee or homemade ghee to the Zunka and the taste is simply awesome.

Misal Pav:- Can anyone forget Misal when one talks about Maharashtrian cuisine this spicy and full of flavours makes its presence felt over and over again.The best place to have Misal is, of course, Kolhapur. Still, it is available everywhere easily, and some misal corners have become so famous that they have started their branches all over Maharashtra.

Modak:- This is one of the sweet dishes of Maharashtra. It is a favourite of Lord Ganesha and is a must during Ganesh Festivals.Modaks especially Ukdiche Modak are usually offered to Lord Ganesha, but the people of Maharashtra most welcome any form of Modak as one can’t have enough of it.

Thalipeeth:- This is one more speciality of Maharashtra, a morning breakfast in many households.Made from various flours, Thalipeeth is served with curd or pickle and is simply irresistible.

Poha:- Made from Flattened rice this awesome breakfast is eaten regularly in most Marathi households.This breakfast is a must-have in most of the Maharashtrian Household.

Sabudana Khichdi and Sabudana Vada:- Sabudana khichdi or Sago khichdi is a very famous dish eaten during fasting.Sabudana vada is also made from sago and is fried in oil to make it crispy and then served with chutney made from peanuts during fasting.

Masala Bhat:- One more traditional dish of Maharashtra is Masala bhat, made from special rice. It is served during the Festival days or Celebrations in Maharashtrian households.There is an endless list of awesome Marathi dishes, and the list shall keep on going on and on….

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Dry Prawns recipe

Dry Prawns recipe especially Sukha Javla koshimbir a salad made from Dry prawns is very famous in many parts of India, especially in Maharashtra. There

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