Gharge Recipe In Marathi

Gharge Recipe in marathi is very easy to make and today I am making  Bhoplyache gharge
Bhoplyache Gharge is a dish which is very yummy and especially the kids love it.It is one of the famous Maharashtrian Recipes.
हा लेख इंग्लिश मध्ये आहे पण ह्या लेखाच्या शेवटी जो विडिओ आहे तो मराठी मध्ये आहे
The dish is loved especially since it is sweet but it is very nutritious as well.Red Pumpkin has a lot of benefits which make the children healthy and fit.
It is very easy to make and it takes hardly any time.Its shape is like puris but can be made in various shapes like stars,especially for kids.

Benefits of Pumpkin

  • Rich in vitamin A
  • Is high in antioxidants and Vitamins
  • Pumpkins are also good for the eyes
There are many such benefits which make pumpkin or Bhopla a very good option while making food.
Preparation time: 15 mins. cooking time: 25 Mins  Serves:4

Ingredients of Gharge Recipe In Marathi

1.Grated Pumpkin – 2 Bowls.
2.Jaggery- 1 ¼ th Bowl.
3.Cardamom powder – ¼ th tea spoon.
4.Ghee – 2 tea spoon.
5. Wheat -3 ¼ th cup.
6 Salt – as per taste.
7.Oil- 2 cups.

Preparation of Gharge Recipe in Marathi

1. Preheat the pan for 2 mins.
2.Add 2 teaspoon ghee to it.
3.After 1 min or so we add the grated pumpkin to the pan.
4.Then add the grated Jaggery to the pan .
5.Stir well for the jaggery to melt.
6.Add cardamom powder to the mix once the jaggery has melted and the mixture in the pan has mixed well
7.Mix it well for a few minutes then let it cook for few minutes on medium flame.
8.Take the mixture in a big pan and let it cool down.
9.Once it cools down add wheat flour and 1 teaspoon salt or as per taste.
10.Start mixing it and preparing the dough
11.If more wheat flour is needed add it and make the dough like what is prepared for puri.
12.Once the dough is ready add one tablespoon of oil knead the dough some more and keep it aside for a few Minutes.
Bhoplyache Gharge
13.Keep the oil in a pan to preheat.
14. Make slightly big balls of the dough.
15.Start making it like big puris but don’t make the puris too thin like
16. Use bowls or cookie cutters to have different shapes of Gharges.
17.Fry them in the oil.
18.Till they are golden in color.
19.Take it out on the kitchen towel.
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Bhoplyache Gharge are are specially liked by children.Try this recipe now.

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