Pizza Recipe Without Oven was asked by many of my friends, to answer their queries. I am giving the chicken pizza recipe.

The pizza has a long history as a culinary delight. Its beginnings are mixed with many different ideas, but the inception of the pizza is thought to be in Italy.

There are many different types of pizzas, but the standard pizza is thought to be a dish combining a crust and tomato sauce, topped with cheese and then various other ingredients.

A person can order the type of pizza they want by specifying what type of crust they want, what type of sauce they want, what type of cheese they want, and what other ingredients they want on the pizza.

Some pizzas have specific toppings like pepperoni, or olives. Pizza is a delicious dish for people to enjoy. There are many different types of pizzas that

At the end of this blog, I have posted a video from my Youtube channel in which I have shown how to make Chicken Pizza Recipe in Marathi with a Pizza Base

Pizza in any form Veg or Non-Veg is a favourite dish of the young and the old.

Chicken has a lot of proteins and is generally very good but in a pizza especially when we take it from outside the amount of cheese is very very high and that is not very good for the health of children.

Instead, it is advisable to make the pizza at home with a pizza base so that the cheese that is to be added is controlled by a Mother who is the best judge in case of the well being of the child.

It is very readily substituted for dinner especially on a dull rainy day.

Similarly, it is rather challenging for a housewife to prepare chicken pizza Recipe without an oven as it is time-consuming too

I have tried to remarkably take up the challenge and cook Pizza recipe without oven

How to make Pizza at Home without oven

To make a chicken pizza recipe without oven let us see the procedure.

How to make Pizza at home without oven


How to Marinate chicken

  • 100 Grams Boneless Chicken
  • A tablespoon of Ginger and Garlic paste
  • 2 Tablespoons of curd
  • 1/4th teaspoon of Turmeric Powder.
  • 1/4th teaspoon of Red Chili Powder.
  • Salt as per Taste

Pizza Toppings

  • Pizza Base – 2
  • 2 Cheese Cubes
  • Cheese Slices – 2
  • Tomatoes 2, cut into small slices 
  • Onions 2, cut into small slices
  • Shimla Mirch 1, cut into small slices
  • Tomato sauce

The Process For Chicken Marination

  • Wash the Boneless Chicken Pieces thoroughly.
  • Take a bowl 
  • Add chicken pieces 
  • 1/4 th teaspoon turmeric powder
  • Red chilli Powder 1/4 th teaspoon
  • one tablespoon Ginger Garlic Paste
  • Salt as per taste
  • 2 Tablespoon Curd
  • Mix well nicely 
  • Cover with a lid 
  • Keep aside 10 minutes for Marination
  • After 10 minutes 
  • Take a Kadai, heat oil, and fry the marinated chicken pieces till done
  • Keep them on a kitchen napkin to drain the extra oil

Process For Pizza Topping

  • Take Pizza base 
  • Apply tomato sauce on Pizza Base 
  • 1 Cheese slice on Pizza Base
  • Onion slices on the Pizza Base
  • Shimla Mirchi Slices on Pizza Base
  • Tomato Slices on Pizza Base
  • Fried Chicken Pieces 4 to 5 on pizza Base


  • Heat Tawa on a gas stove 
  • Keep medium flame
  • Place this Pizza with the toppings on the Tawa
  • Cover with a Lid
  • So all the Toppings are cooked till tender
  • For 5 to 10 Minutes

After 10 minutes remove, let it cool.

Add Grated cheese as Garnish, cut in 4 equal parts.

As you can see How to make Pizza at home without oven is easy and Children simply love this recipe and once they have a bite they simply can’t stop. This Pizza becomes way more crunchier and tastier as it is home cooked and that different taste makes the children want more.

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So this is  Pizza Recipe Without Oven

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